I began my work as a professional artist in 1990 with my own caricature art business. I quickly moved into 2D computer animation and graphics in 1995, and in 2002 I began creating illustrations for books. My character animations and graphics have appeared in games, online, in display kiosks, on CD and in print.

I design quality characters and infuse them with life.

I create original graphics and animations for a variety of computer and multimedia applications: children's games, adventure games, puzzle games, educational kiosks, product advertisements, desktop publishing and a diverse collection of other online toys and gizmos. My illustration projects have included gag comics, caricatures, storyboards, spot illustrations, book illustrations, playbills, comic books, game character design, web animations, web banners, pre-visualization graphics, project proposals and a variety of other character-driven illustration work.

The foundation of my visual art training is in drawing and anatomy. I’m an expressionistic structuralist. I like to think of it as cartoon physics with an emphasis on character psychology. My artistic vision includes freeze-frame, x-ray and 360 degree simultaneous perspective. I can draw something as it exists in real life, or I can construct something completely original.

My illustration work is a combination of drawing directly on the computer, pen and ink, colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor. On the computer, I work primarily in Photoshop and Flash. For optimized files, I will often use other software including Illustrator, Fireworks and ImageReady.

I live and work in Seattle Washington USA. When not creating art, I work in my garden (part edibles, part ornamentals), read books, enjoy the company of friends, family, cats, and dogs, and generally have a good time.

Please contact me with inquiries about my work, rates and projects.

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